Post Renovation Cleaning (Office)

Think about residential renovation or an office renovation and how complex it can get. In fact, the thought of renovation itself is quite intimidating and exhausting sometimes. Most often, it takes time for people to clean up and it may take up to a week or more. However, time’s valuable and you can’t afford to take so much time else it might affect your other works. UniHome cleaning provides you with the most efficient cleaners for Post renovation cleaning who would clean up your new home or office really fast and to such perfection that you would be totally stunned. In fact, we have offered post renovation cleaning to numerous clients and received excellent responses so far. If you are wondering as to what makes our Post renovation cleaning so special, it is certainly the superb expertise of our cleaners and our advanced cleaning techniques.

NEA License

What We Do

Vacuum and mop all floors

Dusting / clean all rooms

Washing of toilets (if any)

Fans (if any)

Window and grilles (interior only)


Cabinets (will only clean interior if is empty)


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