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With UniHome Cleaning, Window cleaning services aren’t hard to find in Singapore any longer. Are you being able to give proper attention to home cleaning? If the answer is no, think about it for a while as to what can be the possible obstacles that are coming in your way to home cleaning. Hardly, there are people who aren’t fond of home cleaning. So what is it that’s stopping you? Is it because you are in a constant rush with time so limited to spend on your own or is it that you find home cleaning pretty complex with no idea where to start it from? Whatever it might be but we think you don’t have to miss out on home cleaning any longer and all you need to do is handover the charge of cleaning to UniHome Cleaning, Singapore.

Window cleaning may seem to be a pretty simple home cleaning activity but it’s surely not as easy as it seems to be considering the amount of time and perfection it requires. However, UniHome cleaning has brought about a huge transformation in Window cleaning Singapore by its excellent services. The agency has the most efficient cleaning staffs with years of training and experience who can ensure that your home gets the best window cleaning and you are certainly not going to blown away by the perfection at which they clean the windows of your house.

There are several advantages of hiring a cleaner from UniHome Cleaning.  First, it saves you a lot of time and you can have your home cleaned even if you are too damn busy. Second, you can have the cleaning at your most convenient timing. Third, window cleaning is just so quick as well as safe with our excellent cleaners. Last but not the least, you can avail these services at a real competitive price.

What We Do

Clean window panes

Clean window grills (if any)


3 rooms HDB : S$250.00

4 rooms HDB : S$300.00

5 rooms HDB : S$350.00

Studio Appt : S$250.00

2 Bedrooms Condo : Starts from S$300.00

3 Bedrooms Condo : Starts from S$350.00

4 Bedrooms Condo : Starts from S$420.00

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