Am I required to sign a contract with Unihome while engaging your cleaning services?

We do not need customer to sign a contract but do let us know if you are engaging us on a short term basis as we charge different rates for short term customer (<3 months)


Do I have to pay agency fee when I engaged your services?

We only collect one time registration fee of S$50.00 (non-refundable) when you engage our weekly house cleaning services.


Do I have to be at home while your cleaner cleans my house?

We have customers who hand us their house keys during their first cleaning session while other only leave their house keys after a few cleaning sessions with us. Whichever is your preference, we respect it.


What if theft occurred?

We always remind our customers to keep their valuables under lock and key to avoid misplacement and misunderstanding. If theft do really occurred, we will co-operate with the customers and report the matter to the Police for investigation.


Where are your cleaners from?

The cleaners we have are all under the employment with Unihome and they are mainly Singaporean / PR or Work Permit Holder from Malaysia. Most importantly, all cleaners we send to home are all covered under Work Injury Compensation required by Ministry Of Manpower.